IOS 7.1.1 Available: Security news and small

Yesterday Apple released a new update for its mobile operating system: it is in fact available iOS 7.1.1 a small dedicated security upgrades and other small novelties. As usual, to install the newly revised version of iOS simply access the menu and conditions of your iPhone or iPad, or connect your device to your computer and using iTunes.

Not much time has passed since the release of iOS 7.1 , the first major upgrade to iOS 7 which introduced new features and enhancements to the graphical vague, but it’s already time for a minor update. Among other innovations, the resolution of some problems of security and integration with the latest technologies budged bitten apple.

IOS 7.1.1 Available

The build in question is the 11D201 and as the main feature, it offers a significant performance improvement in Touch ID the fingerprint reader introduced in iPhone 5S and already made ​​more stable with iOS 7.1. In addition, Apple has included a better reactivity of the virtual keyboard, as well as increased performance coupled with VoiceOver Bluetooth devices. Add to this a renewed Mobile Safari now able to open the new top-level domains recently approved by ‘ ICANN as and photo. Continue reading

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Tim Cook in Apple’s commercials environmentalist

You can not say that in recent years apple has not committed to the respect of ‘ environment. And if that was not enough confirmation came a few days ago by Greenpeace with certification from apple as the company performance in terms of adoption of renewable energy, now came a new spot from Cupertino. With an exceptional testimonial none other than time cook.

Apple is certainly the queen of communication with its advertising moving and cared for down to the smallest detail. But it is rarely a representative protagonist to appreciate Steve Jobs Apple in one spot, for example, you have to go back in time up to the think Different campaign. Maybe because the environmental issue is particularly felt by Tim Cook as well as the CEO took the opportunity to reiterate several times, but the success of the past repeats itself: Cook has lent his voice for the movie better.

Tim Cook in Apple's

Enhance, outdo, and always push beyond their limits. This is the meaning behind the ad, which is thought to explain the obsessive attention of Apple in creating their products. We admire the perfectionism in fact produce the body of the new Mac Pro as well as tests on the windows of obsessive iPhone 5S and Touch ID button so that you do not to decline in bad surprises for customers. And in this objective clearly falls even nature. Continue reading

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Samsung Milk Music free but with advertising

Last month, Samsung has launched the service music streaming milk music currently only available in the U.S. and exclusive to certain devices in the Galaxy line (S3, S4, S5, S4 Mini, Note 2, Note 3 and Mega). The most intriguing feature of the platform is the fact of being able to listen to radio stations proposed in totally free with no limit or commercial breaks. But things are about to change.


In a statement appeared on the official website, the company discloses the changes that will be introduced shortly. First, those who want to continue to use the service without putting their hands in their pockets will have to accept listening to commercials between songs and the other.

Samsung Milk

Alternatively you can sign up for a premium subscription at a price of $ 3.99 per month, in addition to eliminating the listings offer functionality unpublished at the time not yet announced. The interface of the app Milk Music for streaming music on the Samsung Galaxy high-end the interface of the app Milk Music for streaming music on the Samsung Galaxy high-end. Continue reading

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The other Earth is called Kepler-186F

The discovery is signed by NASA and the news has immediately been around the world a very Earth-like planet has been discovered about 500 light-years from us in the constellation Cygnus. His name is Kepler-186F: Keller is the name of the telescope with which the planet has been identified; 186 are the numeric identifier of the star around which is organized the system of the new planet.

Although we can not know exactly what the composition and what are the conditions on its surface some clues have generated immediate optimism among scholars this is in fact a planet similar to earth are not in size but also in the relative distance from the sun.

Earth is called Kepler-186F

This could then determine weather conditions likely to harbor life though it depends on a large number of other conditions at the time could not be verified. Although they are not then disclose further details of Kepler-186F, on the basis of prior studies is likely a rocky composition of the surface, while the water could be to a liquid state as a result of temperature feasible. Continue reading

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New Roomba will clean everything

Roomba robot vacuum cleaner is the most famous and sold in the world. It can be programmed, avoid obstacles and do not fall down the stairs, but performs only one operation, or cleaning floors. The manufacturer iRobot however, has already started the design of new models that will perform other tasks, even complex, taking advantage of a greater intelligence and technologies that will allow the robot to analyze the surrounding environment.

The company has planned primarily to improve the navigation system which allows the robot to move freely inside a room. Currently, state of the art is represented by the North Star system, used by the robot Braava which use an infrared signal projected on the ceiling. In the next generation will be integrated camera and inertial sensors. The photos will be used as reference points for navigation and will be useful for covering larger areas, even outdoors.

New Roomba

It also provided the use of 3D sensors that allow you to create a map of the room and to identify individual objects, such as the feet of a chair or doors. With the availability of 3D map you could use voice commands like stay out of this room” or clean the kitchen on Tuesday. To obtain such detailed information is required, however, a large on-board memory size. Since it is not possible to keep the data of thousands of items, iRobot will use the cloud. The robot will recognize the objects, using the information stored on the servers of the company. Continue reading

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Honda’s ASIMO a robot more human

Developments and innovations in the field of robotics in the future will not only improve the efficiency of production processes, but also help to make life easier for everyone. The example demonstrates the strong interest shown recently by Google to this area with the acquisition of Boston dynamics as well as the evolution of long-lived projects such as Honda’s ASIMO.

For those who were not aware it is a humanoid robot or that replicates the appearance and movement of a human being. The design took off even in 1986, with the first tests and experiments leading in 2003 to the presentation of a prototype able to move on its “legs” if remotely controlled and guided by colored stripes on the floor.

Honda's ASIMO

In little more than a decade the advances made ​​have been many and important, with the most recent results shown yesterday at the International auto show (do not forget that Honda is first and foremost a company automobile and motorcycle). Just take a look at the movie in streaming below to appreciate the obvious progress made ​​by the Japanese team. Continue reading

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Edges the prosthesis 3D all-Italian

That guardian, black with red laces was in the midst of other objects created with 3D printers and taken to the Salone Satellite from Fab Lab in his shop digital. Edges however have not gone unnoticed it was different from anything seen in what neighborhood. Then, when you grab it and you will discover how incredibly light you want to know more. The answer lies in two names: Michela Cavalleri and Sarah closed students at the Polytechnic of Milan.

The creators of this system have thought about the health issue by integrating it with the fit. Edges represents a new generation of guardians not foreign to the body or clothing of the wearer. More integrated. The difference with the project Cortex is also in the steps to get to the finished product body scan and a particular form of 3D printing with which you can get your own customized Edges, designed by the same user (using a special configuration) on the lines of your body.

Edges the prosthesis 3D

The Salone del Mobile has not yet completed the change of pace than technological innovation, photographing it is in his nature and the current status of the middle course of the design world, will inevitably run out of investments due to the financial crisis, passing by the mortgage crisis and causing the housing crisis has made ​​it difficult for interior design especially on traditional markets (Russia and China are another matter). But of course the idea of these two students shows once again the particular Italian creativity. Continue reading

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Robots they help you make money

NASA uses to identify meteorites medication treatments for serious disease, and now better and faster to learn journalism. They are the “robot journalists”, or sets of algorithms to determine that the machine performs a task such as searching the Google browser. And this week, right up to the present day, according to the Los Angeles Times on Monday that the earthquake in California is one of the exclusive “robot” to reprogrammed, “work”, when an earthquake happens.

The child’s father is a journalist and developer Ken control creator “Quakebot” has developed an algorithm for information from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the excerpt, if an earthquake and there. Within the template, so when the earthquake brought Schwencke bed 06: 25 Monday morning, the post was written, and wait for the pulsase system, a label on the submit button.


The media is just slow to accept the technology gain traction, but it is still “in its infancy” in this area, “he said in an interview with Efe Chase Davis, associate editor of the New York Times interactive tools. Some media, such as Pro Publica demanding things, but overall, it’s a start, “said Davis. The algorithms used in The Times “subtly” lots of interactive graphics and data analysis processes. Continue reading

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Service application available on Android

Good news for all those who are in possession of a device Sonos. Thanks to the partnership signed by the manufacturer with bigg, now you can listen to the songs streaming on the platform Google Play Music directly to wireless speakers of the line multi-room, through the ‘ service application available on Android smartphones and tablets, in a similar way to what happens for example with the dongle Chromecast.

Service application available on Android

We continue to invest to improve the way in which you can listen to your favorite music at home, implementing a series of services designed for the home. In Google Play Music we have found a great partner, who for the first time allows us to extend our vision on a global scale. Together we have created a musical experience that demonstrates how content, and sound devices can work together harmoniously integrating. Continue reading

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LIX the 3D printer in a pen

In a few days will make its appearance on a new Kick starter project looking for funding. It’s called LIX and at first glance may seem very similar to a traditional pen. In reality it is a device that can in some way be likened to a 3D printer as it allows creating any object in three dimensions, literally drawing it in the air.

To understand how it works it is sufficient to look at the movie in streaming below. The 3D Pen is equipped with a jack to whom you connect a cable the other end must be inserted into the USB port of a computer so as to transmit the current required to heat the tip up to a maximum of 149 ° C.
LIX the 3D printer Continue reading

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